Chronicle Of A Death Foretold By Gabriel Marquez Essay

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The double standards of every nation influence how the outcome of a person’s everyday life plays out. It is particularly highlighted in Latin America during the twentieth-century. Gabriel Marquez, the author of many inspirational fictitious novels, was known throughout the world for his book Chronicle of a Death Foretold published in 1981. The setting of the work is seen as a portrait of corrupt, and hypocritical, Caribbean town. Within the setting of the town, the gender roles of marianismo and machismo unravel. Marianismo is derived from Virgin Mary and also known as a strong or exaggerated sense of traditional femininity, predominantly in Latin American cultures. It places a great value reference to aspects of pure, subservient, dependable, and loyal. Marianismo is juxtaposed with machismo. Machismo is the strong sense of masculine pride that is distinguished as the male dominance over women, determined to protect their family’s honor, and the quality of being virile. Throughout the book, Marquez emphasizes the influential symbols of the vibrant, blushing flowers and the reflecting, antique mirrors to ostentatiously show the double standards of the society. Virginity is tied very closely to flowers. Flowers are known as to be as pure as a virgin’s kiss and as delicate as the tension of a lyre. Marianismo and flowers both represent purity. Young Colombian women are viewed as buds, due to the fact that they have yet to be converted into a grown woman or a fully…

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