Christopher Columbus Essay

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Christopher Columbus and Modern World History For centuries, October 12th is the day of the year that all around the country citizens celebrate what the infamous Christopher Columbus had provided for future settlement when he landed in the Americas in 1492. On Columbus Day in 1898, the United States President, George W. Bush, had a simple opinion about Christopher Columbus that stated, “He set an example for us all by showing what monumental feats can be accomplished through perseverance and faith” (Robinson). Columbus is most well known for his discovery of the Americas but with this came so much more. From 1492 many accomplishments, discoveries, and plagues had left a mark in history. Following the discovery, the entire world had …show more content…
Also, he realized that the contemporary maps showed no continent blocking Spain to Cathay (Symcox, 9). Columbus proposed the Asia voyage to King Joao II of Portugal twice, once in 1480 and another time in 1492. The King first rejected Columbus because he was demanding too great a share of the potential profits (Symcox, 11). Christopher Columbus believed that the expedition westward was not that long. King Joao believed that Columbus had underestimated the travel time. Also, Joao had already found a key route to India so he did not find it necessary to invest in another voyage (Symcox, 12). The Spanish crown took this opportunity to catch up to the Portuguese exploration success at a minimal cost. Columbus told them that he had figured out a shorter route. He also offered that when he succeeded, the Spanish crown would be able to become wealthier faster and become leaders of the race for trade and empire (Symcox, 13). After a number of agreements and the opportunity to spread Christian faith across the globe, Columbus set sail in 1492. Every voyage Christopher Columbus sailed led to an important aspect in Modern World History. When Christopher Columbus made landfall on October 12,1492 on his first voyage, he spotted the natives, in which he described as naked people. He went ashore and took the territory under his wing. In an entry from the

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