Christopher Columbus 's ' The ' Letter Of Columbus ' Essay

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The Disney movie Pocahontas offers the viewer a stark portrayal of how Englishmen viewed Indigenous American tribes upon their arrival to the United States. The movie features a song titled Savages where Pocahontas and her fellow Powhatan tribespeople are described by the English settlers as “barely even human” and “dirty shrieking devils”. In reality, the first European explorers had much more diverse accounts of their experiences with indigenous peoples in North and Central America. To accurately evaluate early settlers interactions with American tribespeople, the works of Christopher Columbus, Cabeza de Vaca, and John Smith will be examined.
Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer who landed in the Caribbean islands after a two month journey. The history of Columbus has become a divisive topic in recent years because of the impact that his exploration had on indigenous cultures in the Caribbean. In Columbus’ Letter of Columbus, Describing the Results of His First Voyage, he offers the reader insight into his journey by describing this new land as “lovely and rich” for agricultural prospects (2). In his letters, Columbus describes the natives as “timorous” and “guileless”, which demonstrates that he views them as a timid and unclever people (2).
Although Columbus describes a fairly positive image of his travels throughout his letters, Paula Gunn Allen, author of Columbus and Beyond: Views from Native Americans offers a different perspective. In her book, Allen calls…

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