Christopher Columbus 's First Voyage Essays

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When Christopher Columbus set sail for his first voyage, I doubt that he any clue on the chain of events he would set off. Christopher intended to expand the Spanish colonization and to find riches to deliver to his King and Queen, not thinking about the blood that would be shed by both the Spaniards and the Natives. As soon as the Europeans set foot on the Natives land, it was obvious there was going to be trouble. It is obvious that these events van be viewed under two different perspectives. To the Europeans, they only wanted to expand their culture and for the Natives, they had to defend their land from the strange men who invaded it. Even though there are different perspectives on the situation, the way these groups saw each other is quite similar. They saw each other as monsters, making quite hard to decide who the correct party was. The rocky relationship between the Europeans and the Natives could be seen in the narratives told by Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca and Mary Rowlandson. These two very different narratives express the two different perspectives on the events told by the Europeans themselves. One exposes the truth behind the “black legend” and the other of the Natives.
Cabeza de Vaca is one of many Spaniards who took it upon themselves to expose their fellow brethren for the cruel monsters they were. The fact that fellow Spaniards had to take it upon themselves to do this, goes to show that it had gotten really out of hand. Cabeza De Vacagoes on to explain that…

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