Christopher Columbus : The Age Of Exploration And Within 100 Years

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Christopher Columbus’ very first voyage to America was in 1492 began what is known as the Age of Exploration and within 100 years triggered an extreme competition between the emerging nation states of Europe. As the rivalry between European nations grew, causes were transformed into mercantile necessities. Columbus’ initial objective was to sail west, across the Atlantic, to reach the wealthy trading stations in Asia as he carried with him a copy of Marco Polo’s experiences in China. The large profits that were being made with European trade with Asia had been severely curtailed by wars in the Middle East, along with the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople in 1453. During the same time, Portuguese navigators had sailed the western coast of Africa, eventually rounding the tip and sailing on to India, (Streich, 2010). Europeans that were wealthy craved spices from Asia as well as silks and sugar by trading this helped to further the prosperity of Italian city states such as Venice and could be traced back to the time of the Crusades. Columbus was born in Genoa, which is the map-making capital of Europe. Columbus, never made it to Asia, instead landed on Caribbean islands in the course of four voyages and his ships brought back Native Americans as slaves, tobacco, and the first potatoes in Europe this began the Columbian Exchange.
After, 100 years of that first voyage, Spain had claimed all of Central and South America as well as southern portions of North America and other…

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