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The Adventures of Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus, born as Cristoforo Colombo, was born in Genoa, Italy in October, 1451. His father, Domenico Colombo, was a wool weaver. His mother’s name was Susanna Fontanarossa. Christopher had three brothers, and one sister. As a teenager, he first went to sea. He helped on the ships of many different trading voyages. Christopher was Roman Catholic. We know this about him because he often wrote biblical texts in his letters.
Christopher Columbus had a pretty eventful adult life. He learned to read and write as an adult. He got married to Filipa Moniz Perestrelo. In 1479, very shortly after they became married, their son Diego was born. In 1484, Filipa died due to unknown causes. Columbus went
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On his first voyage, he set out with 3 ships to discover a faster trade route to Asia. Even though he did not accomplish this, he did discover the “New World”. On his second voyage, he and 1200 men left Spain to begin a Spanish settlement. He did accomplish this goal, establishing la Navidad. On his third voyage, Columbus set out to take the supplies needed for the previous settlement he discovered, and to travel even further south and see what they could discover. Returning to the settlement, he learned of many settlers not happy with the management by the brothers. On his fourth and final voyage, Christopher searched for a course to the Indian Ocean. This last voyage was …show more content…
On October 12, 1492, a sailor aboard the Pinta sought land. Columbus was trying to reach India, but ended up finding the new world. He made the first connection between Americans and Europeans. Columbus had 4 total voyages. On his second voyage, he passed Puerto Rico and Navidad. On his third voyage, he found South America and Jamaica. On his fourth and final voyage, he found Guanaja Island and Honduras in Central America. There were also less talked about accomplishments. In the West Indies, he saw foods such as pineapples, sweet potatoes, and corn. He found Indians smoking tobacco, and he used a sand glass to time the speed of his ship. Today in Spain, he is considered a very important figure. They have even made a statue in commemoration of

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