Christopher Columbus: Not a Hero Essay

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Have you ever wondered why America has had an annual holiday known as Columbus Day ever since the early 1900s? While enjoying the day off has the question of why an Italian explorer has a day dedicated to him in America ever occurred to you? Probably not, but every American with at least an elementary education has the general knowledge that Christopher Columbus is the hero credited with discovering America. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to even say that he is a national icon. In actuality, he’s far from being a hero. Although he did find a land that was unknown to the “civilized” world, his actions after the discovery illustrate no characteristics of being heroic at all. Born roughly around 1451 in Genoa, Italy, Christopher Columbus …show more content…
With that in mind, it is acceptable to say that Christopher Columbus was “lucky” to have encountered America. It goes to show that Columbus may have rushed the voyage and did not fully plan out the proper resources needed for a successful trip. Any mediocre sailor could’ve done what Columbus did; it just so happened that Columbus did it first. For Columbus to be considered a hero because of pure luck comes to show one of the many reasons to why his title is flawed. Many people focus on the significance of Columbus’s voyage but neglect his purpose for the trip in the first place. His intent was to find a shorter route to the Far East, which beheld many sought after items that if he were to get a hold of, would make him rich. Also, most people don’t know that when Columbus first reached America, he spent two weeks searching for gold in the Bahamas. This suggests that Columbus pursued more personal goals and that he most likely was greedy. Also, it is known that after his first voyage Columbus seized over a thousand natives of the Americas and made them slaves because of their “poor” gold production. These actions and goals of Columbus show no signs of heroism, but in turn recommend that he should be frowned upon. If you get a sick feeling in your stomach when you think about how badly African slaves have

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