Essay Christopher Columbus And The Middle East

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Before 1492, Europeans had mapped out the world as they knew it and used that knowledge to dominate trade and wealth. There was a never-ending struggle for power among much of Europe. Asia and the Middle East were contenders as well. Spain, France, and England were the boldest and had the most resources at the time. To gain the upper hand, Spain financed many voyages to find shorter trade routes to the West indies and Asia. The monarchs of Spain, Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabel I of Castile, felt they could dominate trade, increase wealth, and bring unity to Spain through these trade routes. (Henretta, Edwards, & Self, 2012) Other nations followed suit but the results yielded poor profit. Many willing traders and sailors tried to seek out these desired routes with little success. Then a man named Christopher Columbus would present an idea for a voyage that the Spanish monarchs would not regret financing. Columbus and his voyage would be the first chapter in the history of America.

Christopher Columbus was born between the dates of August 26th and October 31st in 1451. Born in Genoa, Italy his birth name was Cristoforo Colombo. He was the oldest of five children. As a young man Columbus worked at a Portuguese merchant marine where he began his first step to becoming a sailor. Later in 1476, he and his brother Bartholomew worked as chart makers. These previous employments lead to Christopher 's interest in travel. In 1477 he traveled to Iceland and Ireland. Columbus…

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