Christmas Is An Important Holiday Essay

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For many people Christmas is an important holiday. By the time it hits September angel decorations start filling the store aisles and “Jingle Bells” plays on repeat but it is not the only one filling up the store. Ghouls, candy, and spiders all crouch on the side waiting for Halloween; a holiday that some look over when it does get to September, although they should not. Halloween is a major holiday that is more exciting than Christmas in terms of history, traditions, and in lower expenses.
History is rich in these two holidays but one was to celebrate a birth while the other is to defend the evil spirts from rising up and stealing our souls. Halloween has a deep intense history spanning as far back to the tribes in Celtic times when they received there harvest and the days got shorter so thus they believed that in those days which was around October 31 that the spirits rose and so they would offer up treats and have huge bonfires with sacrifices in thanks of the harvest because they believed that they needed to return part of the essence they have taken to the earth and this was called Samhain. Christmas was made to celebrate the birth of Jesus which many originally have believed to not be needed to celebrate it. The date and the holiday were made only in lieu of the pagans which it the Christians saw as unholy. Therefore the date was only picked due to it being close to several pagan holidays as the church believed it best to place it around the same time to make…

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