Christmas Holidays

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For many people Christmas is an important holiday. By the time it hits September angel decorations start filling the store aisles and “Jingle Bells” plays on repeat but it is not the only one filling up the store. Ghouls, candy, and spiders all crouch on the side waiting for Halloween; a holiday that some look over when it does get to September, although they should not. Halloween is a major holiday that is more exciting than Christmas in terms of history, traditions, and in lower expenses.
History is rich in these two holidays but one was to celebrate a birth while the other is to defend the evil spirts from rising up and stealing our souls. Halloween has a deep intense history spanning as far back to the tribes in Celtic times when they
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Now tradition, it is where one does a ritual or a habit every year. Traditions such as Christmas lights are cute but is it worth it for putting up with that creepy uncle? On Halloween one can dress as they please and not receive any judgment, as well as the allowance of so much candy. Furthermore one so called important tradition are those Christmas movies but always with the same message spread peace and kindness. Now that is a great message but typically during the Christmas holidays people get kinder. A sort of fake kindness though due to the fear of being stigmatized a Grinch if not. Whereas with Halloween movies it is about spooks and humans have a natural inclination to have certain fears rooted back from our primitive days. So Halloween plays on a natural human emotion while Christmas forces people into a false sense of reciprocating all the so called good. As well as the tradition of gift giving being seen as generous rather than a forced upon social construction. It is a tradition that many despise for having to give to those whom they do not like or even to people they do not know in events called “Secret Santa”. These events put the person on the spot and are forced to create an elaborate gift or give an expensive one; otherwise they face the stigma of being a pariah when it comes to gifts. Halloween traditions are meant to force you to enjoy chocolate. As well as the tricks which although they may go bad still are laughed at on countless YouTube

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