Christianity, The Omniscient Force That Watches Over Us And Protects Us

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In Christianity “God” is the omniscient force that watches over us and protects us. Christianity is a very prominent religion in the United States, Mexico, and various parts of the world. I believe that people use religion as a way to comfort themselves and others due to any adversity that is currently troubling them. I do not believe there to be an omniscient force that watches over us or protects us.
The world “God” to me signifies the all-knowing force in Christianity that I grew up learning about and was forced to believe in as a child. This religion and the views of “God” were never of interest to me as a child or now in my adult life. The cross and religious artifacts used by Christians reminds me of my parents and their beliefs in a higher, omniscient being. To me it is a form of comfort for people in the sense that when everything seems to be going wrong there is always “God” there to listen to you and be by your side in a metaphorical sense. This belief in a higher being to me brings both positive and negative thoughts. Positive thoughts I have when I hear the word “God” is all of the charities and organizations that have come together through the word of the god that they believe in. This has greatly helped improve the world and has brought many people together for a good cause. Some of the negatives to this are the number of wars that this has caused. In the bible it says “love thy neighbor” but many fail to do so and in the process of that take lives of many…

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