Christianity : The And The Apostolic Tradition Essay

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Christianity has been around for over two thousand years. It has gone from small gatherings in people’s houses to being one of the world’s leading religions. When we look at Christianity it is important to look at how they lived their lives and how early Christians practiced their religion. It is also important to look at the early Christian leaders and understand their teachings and see how they influenced other Christians. There were many influential leaders and texts that helped shape the lives and practices of early Christians. There were many leaders such as Paul and Constantine and texts such as the Didache and The Apostolic Tradition. Throughout this paper we will see how these sources and people help shape Christianity into what it is today. The obvious and most important figure in Christianity would of course be Jesus. However, during Jesus’ life Christianity technically did not exist, so Jesus was not a leader of Christianity. How can you be a leader of something that does not yet exist? One of the first leaders of Christianity but probably the most influential was a tentmaker by the name of Paul. Paul, like Peter and James, was an apostle. Though Paul was not always an apostle. The name he was given at birth was Saul. He was a Jew from Tarsus. Saul was a tentmaker who hated Christians. Though the textbooks do not say why he hated Christians but my guess would be because he was Jewish and Christians were viewed as gentiles by the Jewish people.…

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