Christianity, Islam And Theravada Buddhism Essay

1444 Words Dec 6th, 2016 6 Pages
In this essay I will describe in detail various religions and their perspective on the controversial topic, homosexuality. I will be taking an in depth look into three religions views on homosexuality and how it is viewed in scripture, community and also how each religion believes the consequences, if any, are applied to those who engage in homosexual relations. Christianity, Islam and Theravada Buddhism will be the religions we will be observing in this essay, all three having a unique view on homosexuality; also all having scriptures that define a general approval or disapproval of engaging in homosexual acts and how their community believes is appropriate to act towards those who practice a homosexual lifestyle. As far as the layout of this essay I will first briefly describe a small background of each religion and then describe how each religion views this topic. I will then summarize the gathered information and then compare and contrast each religion’s belief on the subject with each other. First, we will take a look into Christianity and the followers of Christian faith. Christianity emerged out of the first century in what is now modern day Israel. Christianity is a monotheistic religion, which means that within this faith it is believed that the world was created and is constantly influenced by one God alone who lives as one being in a three person perspective as the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, however the Christians also believe in their messiah Jesus…

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