Christianity And The Roman World Essay

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Controversy would be an understatement when describing early Christianity in the Roman society. Knowledge vs religion is the argument centered around this controversy. You have the Christians being hesitant toward the Greco-Roman world of pursuing knowledge. Then on the other side, Roman societies lack of acceptance toward Christians. Both sides were filled with so much animosity and hate. Much of this is based on refusal of both sides to change views. The Romans don 't want to accept the Christians and the Christians don 't want to accept the Romans different ideas.
The early Christians were very opposed to the Greco-Roman world. The Romans believed in the pursuit of knowledge and the unknown. Early Christians believed that this was pointless because God trumps all, and the philosophy of man is full of fables. That the pursuit of knowledge should be centered around God. God is all that is and ever was."After Christ we have no need of speculations, after the Gospel no need to research. When we come to believe we have no desire to believe anything else; for we begin by believing that there is nothing else which we have to believe" (Sources 172).
Many Christians believed in this way of thinking, but there were some more open minded toward the Roman way of thinking. Christians who believed that the pursuit of knowledge could be used for the kingdom of heaven. That philosophy could be used to obtain knowledge and truth about the world that God created. Some Christians also…

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