Christian Doctrine And The Catholic Church Essay

1045 Words Nov 11th, 2014 null Page
On any given Sunday morning, a variety of religious broadcast can be found on the television airwaves, espousing the “Christian” teachings of the “Jesus Christ.” The sizes of these religious organizations vary greatly. They include mega churches, upwards of 500,000 members and regular attendees, and the smallest of ministries, 20-30 members or less. Everybody is eager to spread the gospel. Although the Roman Catholic Church has very few authorized television broadcasts, media coverage of the pope and this institution provides its followers with extensive coverage and updates on church and papal activities. What is seldom heard or seen are the glaring contradictions of Christian doctrine and how it influences politics, social change and issues of social justice. The Christian church, though not singularly alone in this, for the most part encourages its followers with messages of hope, brotherhood and concern for others, and promises of salvation from evil and hell. This is the broad message of most major religions. However, exploration of each division (denomination) within Christianity (these divisions, based on differing interpretations of scripture, personal beliefs, ingrained customs and simple ignorance) reveals compounded and multiple contradictions to the the basic teachings of Christ. Jesus Christ left one commandment, “Love ye one another” (John 13:34, New King James Version). As a result, Sunday remains the most segregated day of the week and while…

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