Chivalry And Chivalry Essay

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Rough Draft #1 What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “chivalry”? For myself, the image of knights riding their trusty steed to go save a damsel in distress. But it is no longer the medieval period, so this no longer applies. Especially now that women have fought for equality and are just as equal as men. A good reason as to why chivalry is considered dead by the majority of society. However, society blames the Millennial generation for the death of chivalry. But the men blame women for killing chivalry and the women blame the men. So whose fault is it actually? I believe everyone shares an equal part in the illusion that chivalry is dying out. But I do not think chivalry is actually dead, I believe it has simply evolved. It is important that everyone understands what chivalry is and that it is still around because it affects society as a whole. The interpretation of chivalry changes to meet new socioeconomic realities, but its ideals and virtues has relatively stayed the same (Price 1). Every generation has their own idea of what chivalry is and in the current modern era I believe chivalry means doing something nice for someone without asking for anything in return. It is does not have to be as heroic as saving someone from a burning building or jumping in front of a bullet for someone. It is as simple as making someone else smile if you know that they are having a bad day. These things takes a little time and effort out of your own…

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