Essay on Chivalry, A Fancy Word For Picking Up Babes

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Chivalry, a fancy word for picking up babes
(A discussion of chivalry using texts discussed in class) Since the first group of humans gathered, there has been a single problem that has plagued men and women. This plague has been imbedded in the very core being of each human; this plague is something that occurs when a man first sees a beautiful confident woman, the feeling of butterflies flying around inside his stomach. The plague reaches women the instant the man introduces himself while looking deep into her eyes. In turn, the woman too gets the same feeling of butterflies flying inside her stomach. There is no science to explain this emotional response that men and women share, the only explanation worthy of mention is a term known to many as human nature. Speaking from a male’s perspective, one can assume that this initial feeling must be controlled in order to prevent further emotional distress done to the body and the mind. Throughout history males have been trying different strategies to control the emotional response. According to Helena Schrader author of the website Sparta Reconsidered, says that Spartan men overcame there emotional response by having concubines within their homes. Medieval knights used chivalry to gain the eye of a fair maiden and to overcome their emotional response to women. Knights from the dark ages would go by a strict code of conduct known as chivalry. There is a dispute over whether or not the knights that upheld this code did…

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