Essay about Chinua Achebe 's Things Fall Apart

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In Achebe’s work, Things Fall Apart, the reader learns about the effects of 2 cultures mixing through a third person narration mainly focusing on Okonkwo, a former reputable member within Umuofia. Okonkwo is shown as a character with a tragic flaw within this novel from his poor decisions which eventually lead to his end. Controlled by his fear of showing weakness, Okonkwo earns a reputation as a successful and wealthy man within his tribe. Within Umuofia, most of the tribes people were oblivious to such things as science and cultural diffusion. As society began to adapt with the appearance of white missionaries, Okonkwo remains stubborn to the thought of change within his tribe and eventually his own conflicting ideals led to his suicide. Thus, as shown through Okonkwo 's flaws, Achebe conveys the theme that inability of one to adapt to change will lead to self destruction through conflicting beliefs. Literary elements Achebe uses to convey his theme are characterization, plot and point of view.

As shown even in the early contexts of the book, Okonkwo questioned stories of other societies whose culture opposed his own. Achebe first represents Okonkwo as a man who will not admit his errors. Characterizing him as repentant, Okonkwo even went to such lengths that his actions insulted the ideals of his clan 's through beating his wife during the sacred week of peace. Achebe begins to characterize Okonkwo as a man who “achieved his own fame” (Achebe 29) despite facing a…

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