Chinua Achebe 's A Great Believer Of Peace And Equality Essay

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Chinua Achebe was a one of the towering figures in literature. He was the father of modern African literature who had opened up the eyes of the public to the life of African culture. Growing up in the Igbo society in Nigeria, Achebe was influenced by the many aspects of his culture, his family, and the people that surrounded him. The many aspects of his life growing up in African culture influenced Chinua Achebe in his literary works by being a great believer of peace and equality. Chinua Achebe was born on November 15, 1930, in Ogidi, Nigeria. He and his family belonged to the Igbo tribe and was one of six children. Early in his childhood, a representative of the British government that controlled Nigeria had convinced his parents to abandon their traditional religion and follow Christianity. His parents then named him Albert, after Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria of Great Britain. Chinua attended the Church Missionary Society’s school where the primary language for the first two years was Igbo. He started learning English around age eight. Learning English at a later age brought out great cultural pride and appreciation for his hometown that would not have been cultivated if he had been raised in a solely English environment. He had grown up reading in his father’s library while still hearing his mother and sisters telling traditional Igbo society. Chinua Achebe was an extremely successful student and excelled in his work both in and out of school. At age…

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