Essay on Chinese Air And Water Pollution Crisis

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Chinese Air and Water Pollution Crisis
Throughout the past few centuries, air and water pollution have been known to be the hazardous byproducts of industrialization. During the early stages of the industrial revolution, both Europe and America experienced episodes of severe health and environmental issues. Ever since then, there have been many legal actions taken to significantly reduce the amount of air pollutant each country produces. However, some countries such as China and India do not adhere to the same standards and have thus seen a drastic increase in the levels of air pollution due to their rapid growth and industrialization. If the amount of toxic fumes each country produces is not slowed, severe long term affects such as human health issues, catastrophic environmental damage, and an increase in mortality rate will follow.
It is estimated that each year, millions people die due to causes directly linked to air pollution. In China alone it is estimated that “1.2 million people die each year because of the poor quality of air” (Russell). In fact, a study conducted by the European Union revealed that only about one percent of the entire population of China breathes air that is considered safe for inhalation. Another study reports that more than ten out of twenty of the world’s most polluted cities are located in China with the city of Beijing being the most polluted. Much of this is due to the sudden rapid growth or both the Chinese economy and population. Unlike…

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