China 's Social Changes During The Emergence Of The Middle Class

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China has experienced significant social changes during the emergence of the middle-class. In addition to these changes, there have been significant political changes as well. As mentioned previously, during the 1950s there were a number of changes to China’s economy as they attempted to nationalize the economy and eliminate private home ownership (Zhang 2010: 29). Further changes were made with the development of the three different types of ownership. With these three types of ownership, there is full ownership, restricted ownership and partial ownership possibilities with regards to housing (Zhang 2010: 36). The development of private home ownership has been interesting as it would seem that this goes against the concepts of communism. Despite this, China has found ways to allow private home ownership while still considering themselves to be a communist state. Being able to own private property has become an essential part of the identities of China’s middle-class. While China’s citizens now have the ability to own private property, the system that was created has its flaws. One of the consequences of these flaws has been disputes over ownership. An example of these types of disputes is related to the three types of homeownership. The specifics related to the different forms of ownership is extremely vague and this flaw has been exploited. As a result, there is still insecurities involved with homeownership as their rights are unclear (Zhang 2010: 37). Since the specific…

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