China 's Influence On The Chinese Communist Party Essay

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Introduction China in the early 1900s was living under an unstable economy due to poverty and a weak government. China was ruled by warlords and landlords, they took whatever was needed to help themselves. When the people of a nation are unhappily ruled by a dominant force, without aid from foreign allies, they will most likely become influenced by the ideas communism. China developed the Chinese Communist Party, in 1921, to unify the nation to stop poverty and become an independent country. China was divided by sectionalism, the Peoples Republic of China (Guomindang) and The Chinese Communist Party of China. The Peoples Republic of China was led by Chiang Kai Shek, a Nationalist leader whose goal is to have a fascist china. The Chinese Communist Party was led by Mao Zedong, a man who was identified as the number one communist party member by other communist party members, was trying to escape the Nationalist’s extermination. Mao led the communist party in the Long March of 1934. The Long March of 1934 was a brutal movement north of china to escape the Nationalists. The Long March of 1934 was an advantage for the Communist party because they educated villagers in china, gaining communist supporters, while the Nationalist party was fighting the Japanese during World War I. The fight against the Japanese weakened the Nationalists and gave the Communists time to recover from the Long March of 1934, which was why during the Chinese Civil War between the Communist and the…

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