China And Indi A Comparative Analysis Essay

979 Words Feb 7th, 2016 4 Pages
Although China and India have deep historical heritage in higher education (HE), modern university is an imported concept in both countries. Starting from the mid-19th century, as non-Western civilizations, both India and China established their modern HE through what might be seen as processes of internationalization. India and China have come through very different historical experiences, which have shaped their present internationalization efforts. The purpose of my research is to develop a comparative analysis of how internationalization process shaped their modern HE systems at different historical periods in order to understand their present challenges. This research divides the history of HE internationalization in both countries into three periods: 1) colonial India before its independence (1947) and China as a semi-colonial country before the Communist Revolution (1949), 2) the “non-aligned” period (around 1950 to 1980), and 3) the period since the end of the Cold War and the turn of the century. This research mainly analyzes the second period, the period of dramatic transformation and reform, and briefly explains the first periods as historical context. This research also reviews the historical roots of HE in ancient India and China for exploring the mental states of both countries. In comparing the two countries, this paper focuses on the macro historical mapping of national strategies. My research questions are: 2) Why did India and China failed to…

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