Western Expansion Indian Culture

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Indians land and culture was impacted by western expansion because their land was taken by white people. The battle of sand creek killed about 200 Chaynna Indians which changed how peaceful the Indians were. In 1868 the treaties that Indians had with Americans were dropped so the Americans could take their land. Indian Chiefs told their side on white people wanting them to be more like Americans. Due to western expansion the buffalo almost became extinct from the mass killing of them. Indians also lost their culture due to assimilation or when Americans changed Indians way of life. Indians lives were severely affected due to western expansion.
With westward expansion came the hunting of buffalo. The buffalo provided so much more than just food. It also provided many clothings for Indians and various tools that they couldn't get from other animals. But when American citizens moved west they almost hunted the buffalo to extinction. Destroying a much needed resource for the indian people. Americans killed the buffalo for sport and to try to get rid of the Indians by destroy their most valuable resource. Indians also lost their culture due to American citizens changing their culture also known as assimilation. Originally Indians had long hair, though they later
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The battle of Sand Creek was when 200 Chaynna Indians were killed after a surprise attack, changing the peace between Indians and Americans. The 1868 Treaty was disregarded when Americans took Lakota land for gold and silver in this land. Indian chiefs told their opinion on western expansion and how they felt. The buffalo almost went extinct due to western expansion when Americans tried to kill buffalo to destroy the Indians number one resource. Western expansion also affected Indians beliefs and ways of life. All of these examples and many more severely affected the rest of Indians

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