Essay about Chile Is Loosing Its Biodiversity As You Read This Paragraph

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Chile is loosing its biodiversity as you read this paragraph. The country suffers from widespread rapid deforestation putting an end to many of the most unique animals on the planet. Chile has over 80 percent of their natural forest wiped out. Due to the demand for wooded products many large companies have wiped out native forest area and even planted non-native trees, which now dominate throughout the country. In this paper I will bring to the forefront the major impacts that deforestation has on Chiles’ environment and animals living in the Valdivian Coastal Reserve, which is part of the worlds temperate rainforest.
Chile is known for their abundance of forest and biodiversity. The Valdivian Coastal Reserve contains a variety of temperate broadleaf flora and is a mixed-forest eco-region located on the west coast of South America, Chile, and Argentina. Most of the Valdivian Coastal Reserve rainforest is located in Chile. The forest has many bamboos and ferns, and evergreen trees. According to Veblem Delmastro, who is an expert in biogeography, forest ecology, landscape ecology and the ecological aspects of global environmental change says that Chile has faced many disturbances to their forests due to human activity. As Chile is growing more and more developed the consequence of economic growth is that many Chilean animals and forest are being putt under a threat.
Exploration in the Valdivian Coastal Reserve was not prevalent until the 16th century; this was when the Spanish…

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