Chile And Argentina 's Pre Coup Period Essay

1680 Words Nov 2nd, 2016 7 Pages
Chile and Argentina 's pre-coup period shows a susceptible government. Both country experience replacing leadership in a democratic state. The institutions, the competency the president, and policies making the country are the foundation in making a stable democratically elected ruler in a state. The reason Chile and Argentina democratic state fell is because they had rulers are incompetent that led policies that would backfire against the current ruler and lastly institutions that gained more power than the ruler.In Chile, Allende 's lack of bargaining skill, increased pressure against his rule. It can be compared to the last term of Juan Peron and his late wife, Isabel Peron 's ability to rule. While, the rulers lose supporters, organizations are formed against the ruler and would then later successful coup. In Argentina, the concentration of power mobilized more onto the mass. In both countries, we can see that Chile and Argentina had gone through international economic depression. Both countries had to deal with the economic depression. This would later test their ability to rule under democratic state. They both failed to do so, then a group of people especially the working-class/middle class would gather and overthrow the current democratically elected leader, in this case Allende in Chile and Peron in Argentina. Chile: Allende Salvador is the elected Chilean president in 1970. The policy of Allende led the Chilean democracy to fall. Allende 's policy would…

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