Essay on Children 's Views On Mental Illness

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In the Victorian Era many believed that people with mental illnesses were “ tainted by the devil” (2012 December 3-1). When people were suffering from mental illness they were treated very poorly and weren’t put in well sanitary places (2). A lot lived in cages, and were mostly fed spoiled food(3). Patients weren’t treated well by any means. They were basically treated like “animals” by the people who were suppose to be caring for them. It wasn’t till later around 1850, that people started to understand, that mental illness was a disease of the brain (5). “They realized that the mentally ill could be cured of their disease”(7). This eventually led to more effective treatments for mental illness. People 's views on mental illness changed greatly.
During the Victorian era the security wasn’t anything like it is today. Now patients are kept basically on tight leashes and can only do certain things at specific times (9). They typically don’t get much privacy, kept in close quarters and were locked up a lot of times. They do have games and sports for the patients to play to pass some time . In the later years, that wasn’t the case. The patients were allowed to roam around as they pleased, because it was said that they were not a big threat (8).
For rehabilitation the patients had to work in kitchens, farms, and in laundry rooms (10). There were different practices used for treatments are the Rotary Chair, solitary confinement and even the electric chair (11).…

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