Children 's Future Risk For Depression Essay

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Researchers at Binghamton University studied whether pupil reactivity to depression stimulating images would serve as an indication for higher risk of depression in children of mothers that were diagnosed with severe depression. This research was done by having 47 children that had a mother diagnosed with severe depression, and exposing them to images representing sadness, anger, and happiness. The reason for the different expressions in the images was so it was not evident that they were only concerned with pupil dilation during the viewing of sadness. The researcher’s objective was to see if this study was valid and also to see if they could identify any signs of depression in children in advance to try and prevent it. If results show its preventable, they would be able to install the equipment needed in pediatric clinics and have pediatricians do universal screenings to assess children’s future risk for depression (Binghamton University, State University of New York, 2015). During the children’s viewing of the sad representing images the researchers used pupillometry to measure the dilation of the pupil. They measured the pupils in five different occasions, the initial measurement, six months, twelve, eighteen, and twenty-four months after. The results revealed that children with a relatively larger pupil dilation during the observation of sad images were more susceptible to depression symptoms and also had a comparably shorter onset to their depression symptoms.…

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