Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders Essay

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I choose this particular psychological disorder because I have a passion to know everything about children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. People with autism have problems communicating and interacting socially. They also may have unusual patterns of behavior interests and activities. In addition, I choose this particular article to write about because I thought self-representation is important for adult but the article surprising me because it also is important to children to improve their social behavior. But with children who have an autism spectrum disorders the self- representation is absent which make them have in society’s behavior. This study was necessary because representation is significant for the development of social behavior. For instance, empathy, emotions such as embarrassment and shame, theory of mind, and truism, also is related to both autobiographical memories. At the same time, Lewis and Ramsay 3 years old showed mirror recognition, personal problem use, and other directed pretend play were related and occurring
The hypothesis, “We hypothesize that rather than mental age, failures in social inter- action, both before as well as after the time when self recognition typically emerges, are more likely associated with the failures in self referential behavior.” This explains, they guess that as opposed to mental age, disappointments in social between activities, both before and also after the time when self-acknowledgment ordinarily rises, are more…

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