Harsh And Permissive Discipline Essay

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I currently work in childcare. I have firsthand experience with children who have been disciplined and those who have not been disciplined. There is a night and day difference in their behavior. The children who are punished for misbehaving are significantly more respectful, get along better with their peers and are better behaved compared to those who are not disciplined. The children who are not punished for bad behavior are more likely to back talk, do not get along as well with their peers and do not respond as well to authority figures. I believe that children should be disciplined by their parents because it will create a parent-child relationship and have an impact on how they act now and more importantly as an adult. I believe that …show more content…
Parent says that “Boys’ and girls’ disruptive behavior problems have not been consistent,” when a male child misbehaves the parent tends to react more harshly than they would with a female child misbehaving in the same manor. Some parents may have only male or female children but regardless they should treat their children equally, no matter the gender of their child. If a parent has more than one child they should be disciplined equally. For example, if a male child misbehaves and is put in time out then the female child, should be put in time out, using the same tone, for the same misbehavior. Nonetheless, if a child is being disruptive they must be properly disciplined. Research shows that “disruptive behaviors without treatment” is the number one cause for a child to enter a mental health facility (Parent 1). If a child’s behavior becomes so out of hand that they are put into a mental health facility, this occurrence in that child’s life can have an impact on them not only now, but as they enter adulthood. Most parents discipline their children as needed, but some parents may disagree with disciplining their children at

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