Children Of Single Parent Families Essay

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Are the Children Okay

Studies show that it 's more common for the children of single parent families to be lonesome and feel like they are distanced from the people around them.( Children may feel like they are more independent and aware because they already know that living without one of their parents, life will be significantly more difficult. A child only with a mother is more likely to be uncomfortable around men, while growing up because of not used a father or male figure. Children grow up without a fatherly role model to show them basic men activities, including hunting and fishing and so on. Now switch the situation to only living with your dad. It is more difficult with girls because they aren’t comfortable with talking to their dads, they would be more comfortable to talk to their mothers, who could understand and know what they may be going through. Some dads wouldn’t know how to approach womanly circumstances without feeling embarrassed or unsure of themselves. Not knowing ancestors or extended family is just one effect of growing up in a single parent family. Children will only know one side of your family. For example, if the child does not have a father, he or she won’t know their ancestry traits, and may be missing out on a lot of history. What if a child is part Russian and would never know. Family trees are an immensely important part of being a family. Plus, it can be fun to see where people’s ancestors came from. Similar to be…

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