Childhood Sexual Development : Societal Attitudes About Children And Healthy Sexuality

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Many people would not consider children to be sexual beings mainly due to the prevalent cultural belief that children are sexually innocent. This view also holds that this innocence is to be protected, and we often assume that sexual development begins at puberty because this is when human beings become biologically capable of reproduction. It is important to realize that while children may not have or express conscious sexual desires like teens and adults, in most respects, sexuality begins to develop in the womb and continues throughout childhood. Childhood sexuality partially shapes the extent to which adult sexuality is characterized by either self-confidence and satisfaction or by doubt and shame. Essentially, the seeds of adult sexuality are planted during childhood. It is important that children learn accurate and appropriate information about sexuality so that they can be able to form healthy sexual relationships as they are growing up especially in their adulthood.

Childhood Sexual Development: Societal attitudes about children and healthy sexuality Childhood sexuality is a topic that most adults would rather avoid acknowledging or even discussing. In the western world, the sexuality of children is a topic that typically makes adults uncomfortable, and most parents/adults are often reluctant to have the “sex talk” with children. There is a general perception that things that have to do with sexuality only pertain to teens and adults. People…

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