Essay about Childhood Obesity in Latino Children

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Childhood Obesity in Latino Children.
Cindy Martinez
Phoenix University

The purpose of the Powerpoint presentation in the workplace project is to raise awareness for health care workers in regards to the increasing rate of obese Latino children in the United States.
In the past several decades and according to the State of Obesity “38.9 % of children ages 2-19 are obese in the Latino culture.” The rates of severe obesity are higher amongst these children compared to the White American children.
Nearly one of four Hispanic households are considered to have food insecurity, meaning the amount of income they depend on is limited and not enough, therefore making it impossible for these families to obtain the adequate healthy food
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Some of these factors are individual, cultural, social and behavioral attitudes.
Social inequality such as race/ethnicity, language barriers, disabilities, and immigration status play an important and critical role in diet related disparities. For example, the lack of supermarkets that provide fresh products contributes to the consumption of lower amounts of fruits and veggies. As health care providers we have to be educated and be competent in these topics. One of the largest factors that contribute to the inability and accessibility of the Latino families to programs that would provide and educate them in the right health and diet choices to make, is the language barrier and the fact that health education workers lack the training to be culturally competent to work with the Hispanic/Latino population.
Demographic characteristics such as gender, employment status, level of education, income and family composition and family support to the Latino parents contributes to poor dietary choices such as the ingestion of high fat food and low nutrition level foods. Socioeconomic factors like education and income is an essential point the diet disparities. Education level of the parents affects their ability to understand dietary recommendations and therefore increasing the risks of them making the incorrect

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