Essay on Childhood Obesity in America

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Chris Watkins
Eng 101
Mr. Johnson
Childhood Obesity in America There are more children overweight now than ever before. The reasons for this are that parents are do not care what their children eat, their portions are too big, or children are just too lazy. There are statistics to back this up. Statistics show that 30.7 % of Caucasian children, 30% of African American Children, and 37.9 % of Mexican American children are overweight “(Overweight)”. Those statistics are just for children in America if we included stats from other parts of the world it would be worse. The source of these statistics is an article called “Overweight in Children,” which was found on A couple of articles that will be used
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The reason why it is the perfect quote is because, one there are good statistics to back it up, and two the segment about 15 percent of kids being too heavy backs the opening thesis, and those statistics were taken in 2001, which means those numbers have went up since then. This article also shows how if a kid who is obese turns into a adult who is obese it becomes costly: “A study in January obesity research pegs 2003 medical costs from conditions linked to excess weight at $75 billion” (Roloff 204). Again those stats are from 2003, which again means that the cost has probably risen. All those statistics show how if a child doesn’t lose the excess weight, it will lead to adult obesity, and a more costly life. The reason why being obese will mean you will live a more costlier life is because the cost of clothes for bigger people is more expense, the cost of meds for diseases caused by obesity like Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Heart disease, Liver disease, and Sleep apnea. Those diseases that were just described were just a few of them, that is why there needs to be something done about childhood obesity, so that the next generation will not have to go though the same things that this generation has gone though. There are many different ways as to how you can prevent childhood obesity. Some ways that suggested was that you shouldn’t reward

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