Childhood Obesity : A Serious Problem Essay

707 Words May 14th, 2016 3 Pages
In recent years, childhood obesity has become a serious problem all around the world and has attracted more and more people’s attention. The problem of childhood obesity is becoming increasingly worrisome (Geier, Foster, Womble, Mclaughlin, Borradaile, Nachmani, Shults, 2007); The primary reason is an unhealthy lifestyle so this paragraph will show the same lifestyle between Americans and Vietnamese and the reason why more and more obese children emerge in these two countries. Children in these two countries have the same hobby. Hartmann (2015) suggests that there are many children prefer eating unhealthy food and physical inactivity in United States and Vietnam. For example, it suggests that children always eat nutrient-poor foods and fast foods that contain much sugar, salt and calories in USA (Latham,2004). Some children might dislike high-nutrition food that is high in Vitamin because unhealthy foods are more delectable than healthy foods. So, it has created childhood overweight and obesity in these two countries (Hartmann, 2015). The popularity of childhood obesity and overweight is growing in bigger cities in Vietnam (Hartmann,2015). With the development of the fast-food industry, many children in Vietnam favorite food are KFC and MacDonald (The New York Time, 2014). The diet of children who live in Vietnam eat these kinds of food that are all high in fat, protein and calories (Nguyen, Tang, Kelly, Van der ploeg, Debley, 2010). In Vietnam, many children became obese.…

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