Child 's Background And Developmental History Essay

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Child’s Background and Developmental History: Both Riccardo’s parents are from Mexico in the city of Puebla. Matilda, the mother of Ricardo, is very fluent in English. Upon their arrival in the USA, she was encouraged to take ESL classes, which she did twice a week. Matilda and Antonio both have a history of diabetes and hypertension in their families. Only one grandma is still alive and lives in Mexico; she is seventy six and has hypertension. Matilda is very concerned for herself and Riccardo as she is overweight; she monitors Riccardo’s sweet intake and only allow sweet treats on occasions. Matilda tries to prepare cultural foods using more healthy alternatives to avoid fats and sweets and to reduce carbohydrates, but this is challenging as it alters the taste of many of the meals that originate from her childhood home in Mexico.
Matilda had a good pregnancy except for preeclampsia that occurred in the latter stages. Her blood pressure kept rising and was difficult to maintain normal readings so Riccardo was delivered by C section. Riccardo was a happy and healthy baby and the parents were very happy to have him, though they were not yet married. Riccardo once had an allergic reaction after going on a trip to the farm. His eyes became itchy and he developed severe redness and swellings all over his body, which led to his hospitalization for two days. It was never explained to the family what really happened. He also had minor seasonal allergies that were treated with…

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