Child Sexual Abuse And Child Abuse Essay

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Child sexual abuse is any form of sexual abuse against a child, male or female, by an adult or another child. However, it is difficult to define the term as there may be regional or cultural differences in understanding and defining the concepts of abuse and child or childhood. Children may become victims of sexual abuse within their families (by a parent, step-parent, sibling or other relative) or outside the home (by a friend, neighbor, teacher, stranger). Some perpetrators are often driven by a need to dominate or control others. Physical violence, which is common in sexual abuse of adults, may also be involved in child sexual abuse. Most child abusers usually rely on the inherent power that an adult has over a child. Abusers are divided in two types- situational and preferential. Situational abusers are individuals that are not sexually attracted to children but become offenders under certain circumstances. Perhaps being intoxicated with alcohol or drugs, stress or temporary or permanent mental problems. Preferential abusers have sexual interest in children. Some refer to them as pedophiles, although it should be noted that not all pedophiles are abusers. When a perpetrator of child sexual abuse is also a child, the act is defined as child on child sexual abuse. Aside from physical harm, sexual abuse causes serious psychological damage to the violated children. Victims of sexual abuse often become passive due to fear or in an attempt to dissociate themselves from what is…

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