Essay on Child Sexual Abuse And Child Abuse

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Child sexual abuse (CSA) is a form of child abuse that children are sexually used because of their immaturity without letting them understand or giving informed consent (Giardino, 2014). It seems like child sexual abuse is a familiar word but somehow is secretively and socially unspeakable topic, which makes it a severe, insidious and persistent problem. Child sexual abuse rarely causes children to death and their physical injury and pain can be healed completely in time, however, its consequences and trauma to children victims can be very tough and serious even lasting through adulthood. Thus, child sexual abuse is a widespread phenomenon and worldwide concern. Merely in U.S., about 12% of children are abused sexually every year (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2000). It seems like it is a small percentage, but according to American children population, it is estimated around seven million children are suffered by sexually abused.
Sexual abuse not only refers to contact activities but also incudes noncontact activities which sometimes people may neglect. For those children who are being abused, they may not be capable of consenting to sexual activities with adults or they are ambivalent about what they are doing just because they may be enjoy the gifts or rewards it leads to though dislike the sex part. Thus offenders may have chances to abuse children sexually by tempting or force. Its side effects not only reflect on children’s physical aspects, like tissue…

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