Essay on Child of Rage

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Child abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime
-Herbert Ward

The documentary “A Child in Rage” gave me an indescribable feeling. The hardships and pain that this little girl had to go through was completely disgusting. Because of her father’s neglect, they made this little girls life a living hell. Attachment disorder is the result of a bonding process that occurs between a child and caregiver during the first couple years of the child’s life. From the view of Mary Ainsworth, Harry Harlow, John Bowlby and Rene Spitz attachment disorder does severe damage depending on the child and the abuse level. This attachment break severely damages the heart and mind. It stops the child’s ability to care, love or trust. When a child
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To build her self-esteem, Beth was praised when she did something good. Being praised makes a child feel loved and that someone cares when they do right. I think it is a good way to help children especially if it helped Beth. I do agree that praise helps build self-esteem. It lets these unattached children know that people care about them. Temporarily taking her out of her home with the adoptive parents may have been the only downfall, because she was taken out of a situation she was partially comfortable in to a place with complete strangers. The fact that she had no freedom sculpted her and showed her she was not the boss and had to answer to someone. I think it’s a good way to help these abused children become attached again. If Beth didn’t have any therapeutic intervention her adult life would be hell. She wouldn’t be able to have a symbiotic relationship with anyone. She could even turn on the people that that actually care about her. She would separate herself from the human world because of a statement that she made about her not liking people while she was talking to the psychiatrist. Any relationship she might have had would not be a good one. She would abuse them just like she abused her parents and brother. Unfortunately the ones that might’ve ended up killed would be her brother or parents because she had the intentions of killing them already. She would never have gotten any better; her disorder would’ve gotten worst

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