Essay about Child Maltreatment And Neglect Of Child Abuse

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Defining Child Maltreatment
According to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services and the Office on Child Abuse and Neglect’s Child Abuse and Neglect User Manual: The Foundation for Practice (2003), child abuse and neglect mean “any recent act or failure to act on the part of a parent or caretaker that results in death, serious physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse, or exploitation” (pg. 13). This same report outlines the four commonly recognized forms of child maltreatment as physical abuse, sexual abuse, child neglect, and psychological abuse. Furthermore, the Office on Child Abuse and Neglect defines physical abuse as being characterized by physical injuries such as bruises and fractures that result from acts such as punching, beating, shaking, kicking, biting, throwing, hitting, choking, stabbing, or burning. Sexual abuse has been defined by the Office on Child Abuse and Neglect as “sexual acts, sexually motivated behaviors involving children or sexual exploitation of children” (pg. 16). Moreover, sexual abuse can include a wide range of behaviors including oral, anal, or genital penetration, genital contact with no intrusion, fondling of a child’s breast or buttocks, indecent exposure, or inadequate or inappropriate supervision of a child’s voluntary sexual activities (Office on Child Abuse and Neglect, 2003). Furthermore, also inclusive in the definition of child maltreatment is child neglect. The Office on Child Abuse and Neglect characterizes child neglect…

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