Child Maltreatment And Child Abuse Essay

1758 Words Mar 17th, 2016 null Page
When a child is hurt physically or emotionally, the hurt someone did to that child sticks with them. Kids who suffer from trauma that is continuing repeatedly feel scared, lonely, worthless, scared, and even unloved. This is the opposite of how children should feel. Children who have been abused become very bitter, with mental consequences that last long after their wounds have healed. Child abuse is the physical maltreatment or even sexual molestation of a child. There are a lot of child maltreatment which can include neglect which is not caring for a child properly, physical abuse which is physically beating on a child, sexual abuse is forcing undesired sexual behavior on a child and for emotional abuse is emotionally harming a child. Child exploitation is also another type of child maltreatment which is sexually exploiting a child for money. There are many children suffering from this. Some kids are hiding the abuse because they are scared if they tell someone that they will be in more danger of their parents or the person abusing them. As a result of physical abuse it can lead to bruises, blisters, burns, cuts, scratches and even life long injuries or death. Signs to look for in a child that is abused would be things like the caregiver would take their child to a different hospital every time the child needs to be taken. This is because if the parent keeps taking the child to the same hospital every time that they needed to go the hospital would more than likely get…

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