Child Labor Is Not An Effective Way For India Essay

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In today’s society, child labor is a growing occurrence and one of the most widely social issues affecting the younger population, specifically, in India. For the children of India, work becomes a nightmare based on suffering and mistreatment. While children have no choice but to be independent and forced to work, it can be a big influence on the child’s education, life, health, and development. Where child labor is deeply rooted from tradition, the causes of child labor are difficult and complex beliefs and views of economic, social, and cultural matters that make it challenging for the welfare of the children to progress, but child labor is not an effective way for India and it’s people to develop and grow as a stable country.

The influence of child labor has reached numerous problems and has become a vast concern in several countries but more importantly in India. India becomes a grounding place of poverty, scarce jobs, and unbearable conditions. Where poverty turned out to be the number one factor in which child labor increased, it is also caused by a long-term effect of instability and a lack of growth stemming from various reasons for example low income from jobs, agriculture, and social order. The basis of child labor stems from the hardships their parents had to undergo and furthermore contributing to the internal and external difficulties of living in poverty. Majority of the people of India who fall under the poverty line occurs for many different reasons,…

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