Child Abuse, Physical, Emotional, Verbal, And Sexual Abuse Essay

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The different types found in child abuse are, physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse. It is not hard to follow up with these types of abuse. Those children who are being physically abused are mostly hurt by repeated injuries , bruises, and burns, some of them show the object of which they were assaulted with, like for example with a belt, electric cord, or anything that is at the abusers reach. Recently there have been cases of cigarette marks on children’s back and hands. Some of these physical injuries are done to small children and it is more noticeable to find out at their young age.
In physical abuse the child never knows what is going to set the parents in a bad mood or in a situation that it might lead to aggression towards the kid. Children don’t know how to cause a physical assault, physical abuse parents act out of anger and the desire to assert control and domination against their own children, but the truth is that they teach their children from right to wrong and that’s why in the future they follow the same steps with their own kids, it’s like following up with the same cycle all over again. Some kids may also notice that the angrier the adult is the harsher the abuse will be, those parents who are usually abusive may believe that their children need to fear them in order to feel like there the max authority around their home.
While emotional abuse is defined as constant attack of a child. It is important to recognize that the word is ‘constant’ meaning…

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