Child Abuse And Neglect

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Introduction There are millions of children affect by child abuse and neglect every day. Children have no control over who they are raised by or how they will be raised. Children basic human rights are violated. Child abused affect everyone and doesn’t discriminated on ethnicity, race and demography. Most children who are abused sexually or physically doesn’t know this is not acceptable. In 2011 it was reported that 676,569 children were victims of child abuse or neglect (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2012). Child abused is often broken down by different areas such as physical behavioral and emotional.
Children have always been subjected to abuse by love ones or someone they are supposed to love and respect. Henry
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Neglect can be defined as protecting children and making sure they have a safe home setting. The definition of neglect varies and have different meaning depending your state or wellbeing. There are different categories of neglect which consist of physical, emotional, supervisory, medical and educational neglect. Many case of neglect go unreported or unfiled which makes it hard to obtain an actual number. Neglect is often over looked due to the fact that neglect doesn’t show like abuse will. Abuse is visible or noticeable on people. Neglect is known to bring brain damage or other physical abuse to child (Watson, 2004). Abused or neglect or neglected children can often see the world as unstable, frightening and dangerous places and also have low self-esteem issues. (Understanding and Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect, …show more content…
This group has been target as the number one case of child maltreatment. There are over three million reports of child abuse and neglect cases revolving African American children in the United States. In a report that was found in 2007 stated that there were over 5 million cases involving children who were subjected to neglect and abuse. There are many different forms of abuse which includes neglect (59.0%), physical abuse (10.8%), sexual abuse (7.6%), psychological maltreatment (4.2%), medical neglect (0.9%), and others (17.4) (National Child Abuse Statistics,

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