Essay about Child Abuse And Its Effects On Children

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Child abuse occurs in every society in the world. Child abuse and neglect has both short-term and long-term negative effects. Physical and emotional child abuse involves mistreatment, neglect, sexual abuse and verbal misuse. They have detrimental effects on child mental health, physical health and psychological well-being. The aim of the paper was to investigate the consequences of the physical and emotional child abuse and preventive strategies that can prevent these acts. Physical and emotional child abuse is associated with injuries, psychological disorders, impairment in the brain development and poor school performance. Child abuse can be prevented by implementing primary, secondary and tertiary prevention strategies.
Child abuse and neglect have become a complex public and social health issue. It is caused by a myriad of factors involving family, individuals and the community (Boglut, 2015). Children’s rights are being given increased attention, but some children are subject to various forms of mistreatment such as emotional abuse, physical abuse, neglect and sexual abuse. The nature and extent of child abuse have increased of its impact on child development, mental well-being, and health. Child abuse and neglect have serious detrimental consequences for children. They have major long-term effects on all aspects of victim’s growth, health, mental well-being, intellectual development, and it can impair their function in adulthood (Lazenbatt, 2010). Thus,…

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