Child Abuse And Its Effects On Children Essay

732 Words Nov 14th, 2016 3 Pages
As we progress as a society people are becoming more comfortable identifying as a part of the LGBTQ community. Children as young as 6 years old have reached out to their parents to inform them that they feel as they were born as the wrong gender, and wish to begin transitioning to the one that fits their identity. Many find it alarming that we are allowing such young individuals to make a drastic life changing decision. “Critics say blocking puberty is tantamount to child abuse and that children should be counselled to accept the bodies into which they were born” ( Regan M. “Transgender 13-year-old Zoey having therapy”). By forcing our trans children to accept the bodies they were born into is cruel, and a violation of autonomy. We ought to let these kids live the lives they wish to lead. By sending them off to counseling in the hopes that they will “accept the bodies in which they were born in”, is basically telling your child that you do not accept them for who they truly are.
We ought to help transgender kids transition to their true selves because it will increase their happiness and allow them to grow up comfortably, and confidently. “Dr. Irene Sills, an endocrinologist who just retired from a busy practice in the Syracuse area treating transgender children, states, ‘At 16 or 17, you are going to have such an easier life with this’ ” (Hartocollis A. “The New Girl in School: Transgender Surgery at 18”). If allowing a child to develop into their true selves at a younger…

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