Child Abuse And Child Neglect Essay

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Every year there are thousands of children that become victims of crimes. Majority of the crimes that are committed are physical and emotional abuse, neglect, pornography, rape, and sex trafficking of minors. In most cases the crimes are being committed by parents, relatives, caretakers, and other people that give care and guidance to the children. Currently in the United States, child neglect has the highest rate for abuse at 78.3% of the crimes that are committed against children. Child abuse and neglect continues to be a common crime that are committed in the United States each day. There are at least more than five children that dies daily from either child neglect or child abuse. Each year there are 6.2 million reports about neglect and abuse crimes that are committed and 15 million children that witness violence in their homes. In all states, anyone that are doctors, nurses, social workers, school officials, day care workers, and law enforcement are required by law to report any and all suspected child abuse. Failure to report any incident of child abuse is a misdemeanor, and they will be punished with fines and face jail time.
Child abuse is any imminent risk that or serious harm to child’s health or welfare due to any abuse that are physical, emotional, or sexual. Child abuse is a very noticeable in most cases because the abuse usually results in bruises and broken bones. Children that are victims of abuse continue having problems long after the crime has been…

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