Chicago Is Home For Two Major Things : Big Pizza And Big Traffic

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Chicago is home to two major things: big pizza and big traffic. When Capone was active in it though, it was known for a third thing, big amounts of gang crime! Capone is one of the recognized figures of gangland history. Throughout the early 1900s, he managed to run an entire crime syndicate and never got caught doing it. This was because Capone knew how to operate without getting his hands dirty, which can be found in how he operated himself, how he operated using the legal system, how he operated using his cronies, and his last attempts at operating in prison.
This quote from Anthony Quayle gives insight into understanding people; “To understand a man you must understand his memories.” ( To better understand Capone, one must understand his background and how he developed into the gangland leader he became. Capone was the fourth child of Gabriele and Teresina Capone. There is a common misconception their last name was Caponi, but this is actually false ( They were immigrants from Castellmarre di Stabia(which is sixteen miles south of Naples), and like many people wanted to have their “American Dream” come true. Gabriele’s dream was to open to a barber shop, and upon his arrival to America with Teresina and their two kids at the time, Vincenzo and Raffaele, he was ready to achieve it. Terensina was pregnant with their third son at the time, Salvatore. Capone would be the fourth son to be born, the first to be conceived and born in America.…

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