Chicago Exposition Of The Chicago World Exposition Essay

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Chicago World Exposition 1893
The Chicago World Exposition 1893 is also remembered by its short name World Fair: Columbian Exposition. It is a fair which was held in Chicago in the year 1893 and marks 400 of Christopher Columbus entering the new world in the year 1492. The key attraction of this fair was the centerpiece that carried the shape of a water pool. This highlighted the existence of the ship that was used by the great Christopher Columbus to tour the world. The Chicago Exposition was the first of its kind and laid down the basis of a high standard. More than 26 million visitors went through 200 plus buildings that were stacked with entertainment, artistic displays, technological gadgets and various other things. Greats like Daniel Burnham and Fredrick Law played a pivotal role in developing this structure. In terms of land coverage, this exposition was quite big and was spread over more than 600 acres. In addition to that, it highlighted diverse cultural existences of more than 45 countries.
The novel “The Devil in the White City” revolves around two central characters. One of them is an architect while the other is a professional serial killer. The story is set in Chicago in the 1890’s. The author Erik Larson, who has elaborated an event of the nineteenth century in his previous publication, “Isaac’s Storm” uses the same parameters to construct the plot of this novel as well. This publication provides detailed explanations of the Chicago World Exposition of…

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