Chevron In Nigeria Case Study

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Previous chapters has discussed and examined both Chevron and Shell's CSR exercises in Nigeria and their effects on the host communities. The study maintains that both companies in a joint effort with other development partners and NGOs, contribute essentially to economical growth and developments through community development and other related projects that assists in empowering the development of local economies, capacity building and social capital formulation. Nevertheless, these corporations have received several criticisms concerning their style of operations in Nigeria.
Chevron, on its side has received a smaller amount of criticism compared to Shell. Nevertheless, Chevron has been condemned for not being transparent with environmental
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The federal government of Nigeria and its best oil and gas regulatory body, NNPC haven't produced an enabling good business functioning environment for the international oil companies. For example, regulatory agencies and several other boards assigned to keep up and implement local content and environmental laws have been floppy at carrying out their obligations and collected bribes from the international oil corporations thus turned a blind eye and let these companies get away with appalling CSR practices in Nigeria. It is satisfying to say however that the circumstance in Nigeria is not that bleak any more, as it is trusted that with the data provided by this study and others, all the key players in Nigeria oil industry; that is the IOCs (Chevron and Shell), the federal government and its agencies like NNPC and the oil bearing communities can team up and cooperate to encourage a productive and sustainable development of the nation through her huge crude oil …show more content…
A modern framework to control gas flaring must be set up. This will significantly reduce the amount of atmospheric pollution caused by gas flaring in the region.
5.3 Outlook
This study has basically and thoroughly taken a closer look at the exercises of Oil corporations as exemplified by Chevron and, their CSR approaches and affect on host communities in Nigeria. Without a doubt, Chevron and Shell have added to the economy and development of Nigeria through their CSR approaches and exercises however a great deal has been left to be desired of the negative effect of their operation on the oil bearing communities.
It is trusted that the data provided in this study and others like it could serve as useful working means for oil corporations, governments and their agencies and in addition local populations for creating sustained value whiles managing environment and positively impacting development and progression of host

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